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Welcome to the San Francisco JUDO Institute WEB SITE. The San Francisco Judo Institute maintains the SFJI Web Site regularly to keep the members of dojo and the public informed of events, schedules, practice and technique information, health guidance, tournament results, promotions and general news. The SFJI Web Site accepts contribution of articles, photos and any newsworthy information from our members, families and friends.

San  Francisco Judo Institute News  is dedicated to our founder, Sensei Mitsuho “Mits” Kimura, 9th dan. Sensei Kimura was one of the most influential Judoka in the history of American judo. He dedicated his life to the teaching of Kodokan judo with the aim building his students character as well as strong bodies. His motto “The ultimate aim of practicing judo is the making of good people. ” hangs on our dojo wall.

SFJI Open Mat Invitation

SFJI is conducting an “Open Mat Invitation Night” every last Friday of each month (or as posted in our home page). We will be inviting members of other dojos in the Bay Area to join us for a free invitational evening. This will enable SFJI members to have a greater variety of experience by practicing with different partners and sharing new techniques. There will be NO mat fees for our guests. Our first open practice evening took place on February 29, 2008 from 7pm – 9pm. Join us in our next event to meet and share techniques with fellow Judokas. We hope to see you in our dojo. Pictures of our Open Mat Sessions can be found in our photo gallery.

Recent news & posts

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