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The San Francisco Judo Institute is pleased to offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as part of its sports program curriculum. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was derived from Judo after Mitsuyo Maeda brought the sport to Brazil in the early 1900's. 

Jiujitsu shares a significant overlap with Judo and offers students of both sports an opportunity to cross-train.


Our Classes
SFJI offers jiujitsu classes through our partner, Parkside Jiujitsu. Jiujitsu classes are available for adults and kids of all levels. See the class schedule here and sign up before your first class.

Parkside Jiujitsu
Parkside Jiujitsu was started in 2022. It was founded for the love of the art and desire to share it with the community. The instructors bring a range of skills to the gym while ensuring it is a fun and safe environment for families to come and train together.

Mike Sedano is a San Francisco native who was raised in the Sunset. He started practicing jiujitsu in 2006. He began taking the art seriously a few years later and continued to practice when he moved to Los Angeles. In 2019, he received his black belt from Master Rigan Machado. He has said “my goal is not only to continue learning jiujitsu, but also pass knowledge to other students.” Parkside Jiujitsu is excited to have Mike Sedano as one of the instructors and help bring the art of jiujitsu to the community.

Dante Giovannelli is a San Francisco native and a 26 year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department, currently assigned to the Police Shooting Range as a Firearms Instructor. Dante has been training jiujitsu for more than 12 years in San Francisco and received his black belt from Ralph Gracie in 2019. Dante is passionate about teaching youth about self defense, discipline and accountability along with all the benefits jiujitsu has taught him. He created and led the SFPAL jiujitsu program at the San Francisco Police Academy for three years until the COVID-19 pandemic shut the program down.

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