The San Francisco Judo Institute is one of the largest and most traditional dojos in the USA, and has formed a number of successful athletes throughout its long history

Our Classes

The San Francisco Judo Institute offers judo classes for adults and for kids of all levels.
See the class schedule here and sign up before your first class.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the four objectives of Kodokan Judo:

  • Physical Development:  Our students develop strong, healthy bodies through a supervised program of training in Kodokan Judo.

  • Competition:  Our students engage in progressive training that leads to participation in local, state and national competition sanctioned by the United States Judo Federation and USA Judo.

  • Self-Defense:  Applying the principle of “maximum efficiency minimum effort”, judo has achieved a worldwide reputation for its effectiveness as a system of self defense. At the San Francisco Judo Institute our students are taught self confidence and self assurance, and we thus avoid the most common reason for fighting - the need to prove oneself.

  • Character Development:  Judo remains the most courteous and respectful sport in existence today. The etiquette of bowing demonstrates and reinforces the judo principle of “mutual respect”. Our students are taught self-control, courtesy and respect for others, with particular emphasis on the value of making good moral choices.


Our Instructors

The institute continues Sensei Mits Kimura’s legacy of teaching, with a staff of Black Belts recognized by the United States Judo Federation and the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, Japan. The SFJI coaching staff includes former Olympians and many former Junior and Senior National champions. These men and women serve as volunteers and are professionals in many walks of life in the Bay Area.