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Our pricing is based on the number of sports you participate in. You can choose to do just one activity (Judo or Jiujitsu) or have full access to all classes offered at San Francisco Judo Institute. We offer discounts for monthly and annual memberships. There is a one-time enrollment fee due at signup.

Judo Adults (16+ years old)
Jiu Jitsu Adults (16+ years old)
Sunday Judo/Jiujitsu - Women's Only Class

SFJI also offers a female specific program once a week geared towards practicing both judo and jiujitsu in a safe, friendly environment.
Whether you are interested in self-defense, fitness, or competition, this class is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

If you choose to take this class only, the membership will be $80/month.

Kids (6 to 15 years old)
Membership details
  • Drop-in: $25

  • Enrollment fee for memberships: $100

  • Family discounts available

  • First week is free for beginners — Try all sports

  • Enrollment fee waived for 1 year memberships

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